To Vlog or not to Blog?

That is the question, whether it be nobler in the hearts and minds…

Did someone important once say that?

When I had this site built, I requested a page that I could use to put into words the random thoughts that rotate around my brain on a daily basis, but which is the best way to do it?

To write or not to write

Write it down here as a Blog where it might not be seen until someone sees it on my site.

To be seen

Or should I create content on YouTube so that it can be viewed by millions (or minions)(or onions) and use this Blog page to link people to it?

I’m never happy…

I’m happy with either to be honest, I like writting and I don’t have any fear of presenting to a camera. This job has me talking to strangers all the time and believe me, some are really strange!

I was 51 last December and although I pride myself on being able to learn new things, the online World is throwing up a few challenges.

Not because I’m too stuck in my ways to learn new things, but I never considered that sitting at a computer writting or making videos on my camera could be work.

Silly old git

I feel exactly the same about gaming, surely I should be doing something better with my time.

I blame the bats…

Unfortunately through no fault of my own, I now find myself with plenty of time to write and record.

Maybe one day I’ll look back at these posts and shake my head at what an idiot I was.

Some things do require a bit of brain power though and for that I have the staff at on hand (on the phone) to help me out.

Make a decision you spanner!

I think that I’m going to be a Blogger and a Vlogger for a bit and see which one gets the best results. I definately don’t swear as much when I’m writting, but the Vlogs might not be fit for kids. Sorry Mum.