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The end of restrictions

At Last!!!!!!!!! The DVSA have finally given us a date when we can open up again and get your CBT’s and lessons done. CBT’s will resume on Monday 29th March. Happy Days 😉 You can book your CBT online at Prices are £130 in Birmingham and £125 in Wednesbury and Walsall. Testing restarts on

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To Vlog or not to Blog?

That is the question, whether it be nobler in the hearts and minds… Did someone important once say that? When I had this site built, I requested a page that I could use to put into words the random thoughts that rotate around my brain on a daily basis, but which is the best way

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Lockdown 3.0

What a year 2020 was, in truth it was my busiest ever, but that all came to an abrupt end when Boris told us all told to stay at home again. When I say us, I think it’s mostly just me, because nothing seems any different out there! Anyway the DVSA has suspended all Motorcycle

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Complusory Basic Training

CBT Anyone that wants to get on the road on either an Automatic scooter or a Manual motorcycle needs to complete a CBT. It’s a one day course that normally starts at 9am and finishes around 4pm, but the finish time depends on the number of people on your course and how good they are. We provide

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